Apr 222012

My parents, Joseph Charles McAnulty and Nadine Gertrude Bone were married September 29, 1929 at St. Joseph Rectory in Edina. They set up housekeeping in a small duplex in Edina after a brief 3 day honeymoon all the way to Jefferson City. (Try to remember this was 1929. Hawaii would have been a little far) Not long after their marriage the Stock market failed and the banks closed leaving my Dad $17 poorer, the sum he had in the bank at the time. Young love survived as did Joe and Nadine because my father was never without a job. He first worked at Morgret’s garage and then ran a garage owned by the Sandknop family on highway 6 in town. My Dad was a very good mechanic and a hard worker. He moved on to shop foreman for Sigman Chevrolet and then continued to work for Lawrence Fessler when he bought the business. Altogether he worked for Chevrolet for 45 years. My Mother never worked outside our home but worked hard at being a good mother, homemaker and cook. I remember fondly coming home from school and finding a yummy snack every day and a mother willing to listen to me tell about my day, in great detail I am sure. My brother CJ was born 7 years after the big September event. I came along after 7 more years. A big surprise, I am told, but never unwelcome. Quite the contrary, I was always Daddy’s little girl and he did a good job of spoiling me. Enough for this time. More of the McAnulty family at another time.


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